Rumis Name: Rumis Tobikabe
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 8
Hair: Light Pink
Eyes: Amber
Character: Unlucky, peevish, and determined. Rumis tends to let herself become overwhelmed by her strong, negative emotions. She is incapable of smiling and cannot remember the last time she did so. For years, she has been plagued by a strange curse, which makes her unwittingly sap the life energy from males when she touches or is touched. Her cursed energy seems to magnify even further and surround her at times when she is most emotional. She sometimes has visions or gets strong empathic feelings but has no control over this.
Rumis is currently attending “Nibonet”, the school of spiritual training, in an effort to find a cure. Despite this, her affliction is getting worse every year and she has nearly lost all hope that her life can ever be normal.
Tashi Name: Tashi Oda
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 1
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sometimes Green, Sometimes Red
Character: Tashi is audacious and bossy; he also happens to be half “Yokai”, or evil spirit. As the only son of the Yokai Lord — Tashenji Oda, king of the Netherworld — he despises his demonic features, which get worse with age. He harbors a burning, deep-rooted hatred for his father.
His leadership qualities could be due to his early upbringing as a prince in the Netherworld. He is usually harsh with people, although Rumis seems to be an exception (to the chagrin of some of his comrades). Despite appearances, he is very intelligent and excels at academics.
Having stayed beyond his body’s limits in the Human Realm and harboring too much dark energy from the Netherworld, his body and health are starting to deteriorate. By the time he turns 18 he is to become a full-blooded demon, completely forgetting the person he once was.
Femi Name: Femi
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Birthday: ?
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
A beautiful and mysterious girl that follows Tashi wherever he goes. She is also close with the two brothers Toma and Shima Kano. Normally she is gentle and kind, but she does not get along well with Rumis. Interestingly, both she and Rumis suffer from a severe case of insomnia.
Femi is the only one of the group traveling with Tashi that doesn’t seem to have any demonic features but is still able to fly like the others.
She is intensely protective of Tashi, for a pretty clear reason. All manner of people and animals seem to be drawn to her ethereal beauty and magnetic aura.
Toma Name: Toma Kano
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 20
Hair: Light Green, with White Tips on Bangs
Eyes: Dark Green
Toma has a noticeably disinterested, withdrawn personality. While he doesn’t normally let his feelings show, it’s still clear that he has a loyalty to Tashi, Femi, and brother Shima. He and his brother are half demons.
He loves all kinds of food and is skilled at playing musical instruments. Due to his good looks, he is quite popular with all types of girls.
He dislikes Rumis.
Shima Name: Shima Kano
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 20
Hair: Light Green
Eyes: Light Blue
Shima is the elder brother of Toma. He is soft-hearted and has a very kind spirit, although he is often a bit absent-minded and forgetful.
A self-taught alchemist and compounding specialist, he spends a lot of time in the group’s lab at home creating potions and elixirs, some of which don’t always turn out the way they should.
He is a flirt but can’t seem to get as popular with girls as his brother is.
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